Building your Cyber Resilience for Email Strategy

Building your Cyber Resilience for Email Strategy

Posted Mon, 05/07/2018 - 14:15
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Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk. As the number one business application that organisations depend on for communication, it's also the number one attack vector for cyber criminals. Despite significant investments in security defenses, attackers continue to infiltrate organisation through targeted and advanced techniques that go beyond social engineering and impersonation attacks. As cyber-attacks on organisations and individuals become increasingly common, businesses will need to ensure they have comprehensive cyber resilience strategies in place.

Cobus Benade, Sales Engineer for Mimecast will host a workshop at the 9th IT Leaders Africa Summit, where they will share insights and strategies on how to make your email cyber resilient.

He will also take attendees through the Anatomy of an Attack, conduct a Live Hack Demo and show attendees how to mitigate the risks

Mimecast is a Gold Sponsor for the 9th IT Leaders Africa Summit.

Cobus Benade

Cobus Benade

Sales Engineer


Gold Sponsor
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The 9th Annual IT Leaders Africa Summit will be hosted on the 9th & 10th of May 2018 at the new CTICC 2 in Cape Town, where like-minded experts and the top IT solution providers gather for an informative and educational summit with the common goal of improving IT leadership and innovation across Africa.