Defend Your Digital Business From Cyber Attacks

Posted Wed, 02/21/2018 - 16:37
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In today's threat landscape, skilled, wellfunded, organized cybercriminals are working to steal your data - the lifeblood of your digital business - in pursuit of economic, political, or military gain. To combat this, security leaders need Forrester's Zero Trust Model of information security. With Zero Trust, you can develop robust detection and incident response capabilities to protect your company's vital digital business ecosystem. In our security architecture and operations playbook, we show you how to defend your customers with the Zero Trust Model. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy - Executive Overview: The Security Architecture And Operations Playbook

Key Takeaways

Today's Security Approaches Fail To Protect Data In Today's New Business Models

Traditional security approaches have focused on protecting either the network itself or the devices that access the network. In a digital business ecosystem, where security pros have far less control over networks, devices, apps, and people, they must take a data-centric security approach, so that no matter where the data is, security travels with it.

Zero Trust Accelerates Digital Business
Zero Trust is a fundamental transformation of corporate security from a failed, perimeter-centric approach to one that is data-centric. This helps your business improve its customer experience, adopt new systems of engagement, and develop a competitive, agile digital ecosystem. 

Forrester's Security Architecture And Operations Playbook Is Your Blueprint
In Forrester's security architecture and operations playbook, we use our Zero Trust Model of information security to help you completely redesign your security architecture and strengthen your security operations to protect your digital business from the mutating threat landscape.

Click here to download the playbook.

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