Quantifying IoT Return on Investment

Posted Wed, 09/19/2018 - 14:44
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More than half of IoT professionals believe that quantifying and identifying a profitable use case for IoT is more important than the lack of available infrastructure or the need for improved device security.

With billions of devices soon to be connected, the push towards IoT will be a mandatory one and the organisations that are able to pull the trigger fastest with strategic clarity and a clearly defined ROI map will be the ones to come out on top.

This AfriSecure & IT Leaders IoT session, titled: "Quantifying IoT Return on Investmen" will ook at the diversity of the IoT landscape, how to extract value from the single largest asset that IoT produces - the data - and how to tie this all together in a strategy that maximises the return on investment in what will be a mandatory industry

Kevin will discuss "Quantifying IoT Return on Investment" during his keynote.

Identified as the biggest issue enterprise faces with regards to IoT, this keynote will discuss how to identify a clear use cases for IoT and how to quantify a return on investment

Kevin Rolfe,  

Principal Director: Head of

Technology Cluster, Barclays Africa

Kevin Rolfe

Kevin is a highly experienced Senior IT Leader with 20 years of experience in the IT field, including providing IT consulting and strategic leadership over the last 12years. He leverages his deep IT knowledge in strategic IT, systems, programming, networks, infrastructure, data, analysis, and architecture to contribute significantly to the direction of businesses and the operational execution of objectives.

Kevin effectively manages all operational aspects of the IT function, including daily systems and support, network and data security, business intelligence, software development, and project management and system / business analysis. His broad business background allows him to have a big picture perspective when dealing with business challenges, as well as managing resources, budgeting, cost control, and customer relationship management, while being able to translate these into effective systems and processes.

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