Exploiting the Digital Convergence Driven by IoT

Posted Tue, 10/02/2018 - 13:32
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The Fast & The Furious - IoT data exchanges

The sheer volume of data being transmitted across the globe is immense and much of that is being driven by IoT. The potential for this data is priceless but it doesn't mean much unless it is organised in a way that allows for it to be effectively interpreted. This is where Data Exchanges are key. The AfriSecure Cyber Security and IT Leaders IoT Summit will host a panel discussion exploring how companies can discover, categorise and utilise this rapidly expanding flood of priceless data

IoT Data Exchanges Panelists:

Ricardo Rosa


Giovanni Lesna

Jan Vermeulen

Ricardo Rosa

Partner & Director: Consulting Lead: Africa, PwC

Owen Brendan

Cyber Security Advisor, Gravity Earth

Giovanni Lesna

Maranetto, CCO


Jan Vermeulen





Gravity Security


My Broadband


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