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Posted Mon, 01/28/2019 - 19:29
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Conquer scale at the BIGGEST eCommerce Show in Africa.

We live in a global economy riven by borderless business, great if you know exactly what it is you are doing, right? But what if you don't? How do you scale your business successfully? How do you expand into new territories? How do you lower your cost per acquisition? How do you effectively take part and grab a share of this global economy that is traded digitally?

In 2019, eCommerce Africa will be answering all these questions. We are making our event more accessible than ever by providing a full expo floor agenda that will assist you build an eCommerce business or help take your existing start-up to the next level. We want to be part of South Africa's eCommerce acceleration by providing everyone who is interested in building or improving their business with an agenda that is led by industry best practitioners.

Below is a sample of the expert led expo floor agenda:

CX Demand Strategy


Leveraging your brand in a landscape dominated by Marketplaces

Optimizing your online payments for a higher AOV

Best practice for expanding into a new a target audience

Security and fraud prevention in a digital industry

Dominating Facebook Advertising in 2019

Common payments mistake to avoid in 2019

Know this before driving resources int imni-channel!

Basics of cross border payments: what every company planning to accept payments internationally needs to know

How small business can use the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Next generation payment experience technology and design:

Influencer Marketing Macro vs. Micro - where to invest.

How to Build a payments strategy for Millennials & Generation Z:

A beautiful mind: the Google equation to unlocking seach and display.

Ecommerce returns: Policy, Rates and Best Practices for 2019.

Top 5 African strategies for South African retailers

Tapping China: The Alipay and WeChat Pay Gateway.

CX Demand Strategy


Taming the social dragon: Crisis management and experience hacks to be on winning side of social in 2019.

Affordable ways to build loyalty through delivery and the last mile experience.

Subscribed: more revenue, happier clients, lower costs, unlimited scale and trillion dollar market - see how you can access the subscription economy.

Real time last mile visibility for your business made easy and why you'll lose customer without it.

How to Build the Employee Experience and a Culture of Continuous Improvement that matters.

Backing the underdog: Are the delivery giants the logical choice for a startup business?

What's the Deal with Customer Journey Maps?

Disruption in the last mile: Through the looking glass into tomorrows tech today.

The rise of passive consumption and why you need to podcasting today!

The Fast & The Furious: Rapidly changing customer expectations can be good for business with the right set of tools.

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Contact marcia@kineticevents.net for more information.

The 5th eCommerce Africa Conference & Exhibition take place 19 - 20 March 2019 at the CTICC in Cape Town.

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