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Posted Thu, 10/04/2018 - 13:32
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Today marks the 6th annual CX Day which celebrates the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences happen.

eCommerce Africa will be celebrating CX Day by offering all of our subscribers and followers a 40% discount on VIP Delegate passes to the 2019 eCommerce Africa conference and exhibition.

3 Principals to ignite your customer experience

eCommerce Africa is dedicating an entire session to customer experience, where African business leaders will share their insights into customer experience within ecommerce. In the meantime here are three principals to ignite your customer experience.

1. Create a common purpose

This is the foundation upon which all experience decisions can be developed, a common purpose in a common language that expresses what you want the customer experience to be at the emotional level. This is commonly tied to an organisations why, their reason for existing and it is a key process in getting employees on the same page.

2. Understand the need for empathy

What customers care about is the whether companies they are dealing with demonstrate that they really understand them as individuals. This type of holistic understanding is not possible without employing empathy, particularly in the design phase of a customer experience initiative. Technology within the AI space has allowed organisations to provide context to large batches of customer data allowing for a more authentic and representative customer experience design grounded in empathy.

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3. Position customer experience as an economic asset rather than an expense

The return on investment for great customer experience is never clearer than in the lifetime customer value measure. Investment in customer experience can increase that lifetime value dramatically, but the collateral effect extends to more referrals, happier employees, less sick days... and so the list of measurable benefits continues. When an organisation views exceptional experience as an economic asset, pulling in support from across the organisation becomes easier and a customer centric culture becomes sustainable.

Customer experience at eCommerce Africa 2019

CX 4.0 - Creating a Dynamic Shopping Experience

From dynamic pricing to dynamic personalization more than 90% of online retailers believe a dynamic experience is essential as a competitive advantage. Netflix values is dynamic personalization algorithm at 1$ billion... how do you create a dynamic online shopping experience that really works?

O2O Commerce - The Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Even though consumers are used to buying things like books, fashion, and electronics online ... 82.5% of all retail sales will still happen inside physical stores as late as 2021. However, the vast majority of these sales will be influenced by digital touch points - this gap has become known as the "Trillion Dollar Opportunity"

Robyn Cook, Head of ecommerce, The Foschini Group

Deepening Customer Engagement Through Micro-Moments

Solving for the singular customer in a singular moment is still a struggle - despite the millions businesses have spent on servicing technologies. To deepen customer engagement and stay ahead in a fiercely competitive ecommerce environment, businesses need to dig deeper and serve customers in each individual micro-moment.

Clemens Weitz, CEO, ROAM

Design Thinking for a Retail World

Humans are experiential beings; fresh encounters captivate, shiny objects lure and the story matters. eCommerce drives billions of interactions and experiences daily, taking control of your online experience and designing for success is critical to standing out in the world's most competitive market.

Chantel Botha, Customer Experience Director, Brand Love

Join the movement and play your part in what has quickly evolved into the premier business platform for networking, collaboration and an unrivalled content sharing experience that is reflective of Africa's fast developing eCommerce ecosystem!

Celebrate CX Day with 40% OFF

your VIP eCommerce Africa 2019 VIP ticket.

Coupon code: YAYCXDAY

The 5th eCommerce Africa Confex will be hosted on the 19th and 20th of March 2019, at the CTICC in Cape Town. 

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