AccessKenya Rebrands and Focuses on Developing ICT Solutions

Posted Tue, 02/06/2018 - 16:39
By News

AccessKenya Group has announced the final stage of transition. The company rebranded to Internet Solutions Kenya- with a suite of ICT solutions offering dubbed FUTUREWARE. Access Kenya was acquired by Dimension Data in 2014 and since then the business has been focused on developing ICT solutions from what was an initially an ISP.

“Since acquisition by Dimension Data and having taken over what was a family run business, the transition period has been focused on listening and learning. The new business has preserved the strengths of what was the country’s best corporate ISP and brought in expertise for the development of Value-Added Services layered on connectivity, increasing product offering for our customers. Internet Solutions Kenya is now a full- ICT service provider”, said Richard Hechle – Managing Director, Internet Solutions Kenya.

Internet solutions, a shareholder of TEAMS and with significant infrastructure across the country, is looking to utilize the infrastructure to tap into non-connectivity revenue, while exploring partnerships that strategically answer to the demand of ICT services by other client segments.

“Rather than simply look at the provision of connectivity, we’re about Value addition; what more possibilities lie on the internet and what more can be done using the internet as an enabler. We have partnered with Facebook and Surf to focus on providing Kenyan consumers radically affordable high-speed internet via public Wi-Fi hotspots and home services. Relying on Internet Solutions Kenya Infrastructure, Surf is offering public Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Nairobi neighbourhoods, universities and expanding into surrounding communities in addition to home services for apartments in Eastlands, Nairobi West and Langata”, said Richard

“To meet the needs of a growing enterprise market, we have a special focus on SMEs through our “SME in a box” service that offers a bundled product range that include Cloud, Security and Business Continuity services, IT Function outsourcing, strategic partnerships by using our infrastructure to deliver additional ICT Services”

Locally, growth in demand for bandwidth, increased global IP traffic and a growing consumer appetite for all things technology has seen an increased number of devices in use, more data generation and storage and therefore need for more security.

“We are well positioned with our Cloud solutions, Data Back Up and Recovery, Security Advisory and Training as well as Business Continuity – A fairly new concept in the Kenyan Market that will assist businesses draw up threat profiles and reduce impact of disruption in the event of an incident”, added Richard Hechle.

As global threats take a different form, so does the risk profile of a business. Internet Solutions is banking on the reactionary approach to cyber threats and the lack of training by many organisations as a key driver of Security awareness. With the proactive enterprise cyber solution, the firm will aid businesses in the development of strategies and policies to mitigate cyber risk; through establishing a coordinated approach to the prevention of cybercrime, ensuring operational compliance, skills development, business resilience and training.

Edited by Fundisiwe Maseko