Is your Customer Journey Primed for Real-time Intervention?

Posted Mon, 05/21/2018 - 15:46
By News

The customer journey has been an integral part of customer experience management from the very beginning. Most organisations view the journey as a static line that can be mapped out and altered to create differentiation factors in the moments that matter. The problem with this approach is that it reviews the journey retrospectively and makes adjustments for the next customer.

The new benchmark for exceptional experience lies with the ability to proactively intervene in the journey in real-time, to make adjustments for the customer currently in the journey. The structural basis required to prime your journey for this type of intervention is a separate understanding of, but integrated implementation of, both date-driven events and data-driven events.

The date driven events are events in which you have clarity and reliability on when these interactions or events with customers will occur. The data-driven events are interactions that you know are highly-likely to happen, but just not as to when exactly. It is the ability to interject in these data driven moments and make live adjustments to the customer journey that will differentiate the customer experience of tomorrow.



The 2018 Customer Experience Management Summit has partnered with the leading technology providers in the CX field to ensure that this ability for proactive customer journey interventions are integrated into an organisations customer journey to create a seamless, proactive and engaging customer journey that leads to higher customer satisfaction, more referrals and ultimately more sales as they engage fluidly through the customer journey.

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