Transforming Customer Engagements with AI and CRM

Posted Mon, 06/04/2018 - 14:45
By News

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has subtly snuck into our lives, not as evil robots trying to destroy humankind as Hollywood touts, but rather to make mundane tasks and routines easier and quicker.

It's impacting every industry around the world today, and helping to shake things up in the form of digital disruption.

In terms of customer service, AI is making it easier to anticipate your customer's needs and respond more effectively to their complaints. Below are a few tips to help you see how you can reap the rewards of AI to enable next-generation customer experiences:

Stop wasting time on things that AI can do for you

AI is currently quite good at taking on boring tasks on behalf of your agents. Leveraging AI to perform administrative work can help employees spend less time on menial tasks and more time on connecting with your customers.

AI can also assist in addressing customer service questions that come up repeatedly, freeing customer support up to have more time, energy, and attention for higher order service.

AI can offer better insight and engage with customers more quickly and easily than a human can. It has the ability to take customer service to where it was always supposed to be in the first place - where customers and their needs are known individually.

You might see this with very small businesses where the customers are known on a personal level, but for large businesses, this isn't easily possible. However, with AI and other tools, we are now able to rectify this.

Because AI assists in optimising your systems and people to work with customers efficiently, it allows you to focus instead on the future of your business.

In order to disrupt the market, a business needs to be at a certain maturity level. But with the help of AI, you won't need to fix the engine since AI will assist it to run efficiently, and you can start considering where the new places you can go are.

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